Our next meeting is AWARDS NIGHT AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT at Liberty Baptist Church (and online) on Tuesday, 27 October 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm.  We have limited spots so signup with Capt Song or Lt Munger! 

NOTE:  To see a listing of upcoming events please scroll to the end of page.

20 Oct  Glider pilot extraordinaire Frauke talked about her 58 years of experience in flying without a motor!  We also had several prospective cadets at the meeting and one cadet who joined--thanks for talking up CAP with your friends.
She even kept the math simple based on the time of day!

18 Oct  Amn Romito and  SrA Fleming took their first flights with CAP!  And TSgt Clapper and Chief Clapper got to see more of Virginia from the air.  Thanks to our volunteer pilots--Maj Metzler, Lt Col Quick and Lt Andrusiak.  

17 Oct,  Emergency Services and sUAS Training day.  25 cadets and seniors worked on their Ground Team, Urban Direction Finding and small UAS skills at Wolf Trap Park today!  Thanks to Coastal Composite Squadron and Wing Headquarters for lending a hand as we made 2x new Ground Team Leaders, multiple GTM3s and 4x new sUAS pilots including Virginia Wing's first cadet sUAS Instructor Pilot.  We also farewell'd our Group 2 ES Officer--Russ Lowe took part in his last Virginia Wing event before moving with the military to Kansas (where he has already linked up with his gaining CAP squadron).                                              TSgt Lowe--thanks for what you've done at NNCS!

13 Oct, Leadership lesson from 1st Lt Young and Chief Hoesly!  And some great trivia questions by our Flight Sergeants.

10 Oct, Squadron level Drill Training College.  A much needed refresher after several months of COVID.  Several of our NCOs took advantage of this to make them better at leading their flights.  We even had a prospective cadet show up!
Chief Dykema doing a little prep before the sergeants took over the formation.

6 OctPT and Aerospace Eduction/STEM/Cyber meeting

29 Sep, 5th Tuesday fun nightDespite the weather we still had a great drill competition!  Chief Dykema found every open floor space in the building so three separate teams could work on their skills.  Two guests joined us tonight and we got lots of drill tests knocked out for promotions!  Then we had a "drill off" led by Lt Sherrod's/MSgt Bullock's Mighty Thunderbirds, Chief Gyrzen's/SSgt Delatte's Imperials and Senior Luchs'/MSgt Hallare's Champs.  Congrats to our winning team led by Senior Luchs and MSgt Hallare.  And thanks to all of our competitors and judges for taking part!
Chief Gryzen educating on the finer points of open ranks

22 Sep, Awards and promotions night followed by a character development lesson from our Chaplain.  The Wing Commander and Senior Enlisted member helped give out a milestone award and solo wings to our cadets.  And then they surprised our squadron commander with an early pin on.  

Congrats to --                                                                                CAPTAIN JIMMY TAYLOR

And our Cadet of the Month for September -- 
2d Lt Rachel Sherrod

WE'VE HAD THREE CADETS SOLO IN 2020--CONGRATS TO          TSgt Wartofsky, MSgt Spain and MSgt Elrahhal!
Who will be next?  

SQUADRON MEETINGS--some in person, also offering virtual for now

Contact Capt Song or Lt Munger for an invite to attend the meeting.   
  •  1st Tues1830 - 2100:  PT and AE, wear shorts/t-shirt and and bring a water bottle 
  •  2nd Tues, 1830 - 2100: Drill and Leadership or Drill and ES, ABU/BDU
  •  3rd Tues,  1830 - 2100: Drill and AE, ABU/BDU
  •  4th Tues,  1830 - 2100: Awards Ceremony and Char Develop, Blues

                     OCTOBER CADET BIRTHDAYS!
                            A1C Dykema

                     1st Lt Guilliams

                     Capt Hudson

                     1st Lt Sherrod

                     Capt Song

                     1st Lt Young           



Below you will find a list of upcoming events and special Cadet Programs dates to remember.  Mark your calendars and follow up with an email if you want info.

31 Oct:  Cyber Patriot Practice Round.  0900-1500.

Chief Jorgensen preparing his team for this year's challenges!

7-8 Nov:  Honor Flight will be honoring area veterans by placing signs in the lawns of the veteran.  Talk to Chief Clapper (cadet and senior member) for more info/to signup.

14 Nov:  Cyber Patriot Round 1.  0900-1500.

21 Nov:  Group 2 Drill Training / Competition (talk to your CAC reps for info)

29 Nov:  Marksmanship Training at Lafayette Gun Club.  We'll have limited slots.  Signup out to learn about firearms safety.

12 Dec:  Cyber Patriot Round 2.  0900-1500.

19 Dec:  Wreaths Across America at Yorktown Battlefield


Once you choose to sponsor a wreath, go to your cart (click "review my sponsorships").  Then click on the item you are purchasing:  "wreath sponsorship".  Toward the bottom of that page you select (or write in) which location/squadron you are benefitting.

Yorktown National Cemetary Location ID: _________VAYNCY_________

NNCS Fundraising ID:  __VA0096P________________

26 Dec - 2 Jan:  Winter Encampment in Virginia Beach.  Are you up for the challenge?



19-21 Feb:  Va Wing Cadet Competition

    27 Mar - 3 Apr:  Spring Encampment at Fort Pickett

    1 - 8 Aug:  Summer Encampment at Fort Pickett

  Civil Air Patrol, the longtime all-volunteer Air Force auxiliary, is the newest member of the Air Force’s Total Force. In this role, CAP operates a 

fleet of 560 aircraft, performs about 90% of the continental U.S. inland search and rescue missions -- as tasked by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center and is credited with saving over 100 lives annually!

  CAP’s 65,000 members also perform homeland security, disaster relief and drug interdiction missions at the request of federal, state and local agencies. 

In addition, CAP plays a leading role in aerospace and STEM education. Its senior members serve as mentors to more than 27,000 young people 

participating in the cadet program.

   CAP recently highlighted former cadet Euripides Rubio, a Medal of Honor recipient from Puerto Rico Wing.  He is one of three MOH winners to have served in Civil Air Patrol before entering military service.  Who are the other 2 and what did they do?

Visit www.GoCivilAirPatrol.com 

The #1 Gold Tier (All Service/JROTC/CAP) Cyber Patriot Team in Virginia! 
The #2 Gold Tier Team in all of CAP!

Indoor Skydiving counts as a STEM activity!

  •     That's right--our cadets get to go flying!